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The Xtreme Football League (also known as simply the XFL) was a short-lived American football league run by WWE. The league called itself "the way football was supposed to be played".[1] However, the league fizzled out in 2001 after only one season. However, several players went on to other leagues and some were quite successful (such as Tommy Maddox and arguably the league's best known player, Rod "He Hate Me" Smith).

In December 2017, it was rumored that the XFL may be returning, under a new company being run by Vince McMahon, after McMahon sold a large share of his WWE holdings. Ultimately in January 2018 McMahon confirmed the rumors to be true, with the league planning to start in 2020.

Teams (Original League)

  • Birmingham Bolts
  • Chicago Enforcers
  • NY/NJ Hitmen
  • Memphis Maniax
  • Las Vegas Outlaws
  • Los Angeles Xtreme
  • Orlando Rage
  • San Francisco Demons