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Recent increases in tragic mass-murders perpetrated by young individuals have prompted questions about their rationale for doing so. Below is collected evidence that their motives have been overwhelmingly atheistic or liberal, or driven by hatred of God.

Year Name(s) Education Killed Wounded Beliefs Liberal response
2011 Anders Behring Breivik[1] public school[2] 68 shot dead at a government camp for youth, another 8 in possibly related bombing of government buildings[3] Still some who are missing Liked playing violent video games, and particularly liked "World of Warcraft" and "Modern Warfare 2"; Breivik,he was possibly drawn to the imagery of knights by the "World of Warcraft" game; no evidence of regular church attendance or Bible-reading. A typical headline in the liberal media blames fundamentalist Christianity, while nearly ignoring his hobby of playing violent video games.
2011 Jared Lee Loughner[4] public high school 6 at least 17, including a congresswoman "left wing, quite liberal ... a political radical" and he declared that The Communist Manifesto, Animal Farm and Mein Kampf are among his favorite books[5][6] It's Sarah Palin's fault because nearly one year earlier she had posted targets on 20 congressional districts for Republican wins, and this massacre (by a liberal) occurred in one of those districts.[7]
2010 Amy Bishop professor, and daughter of a professor 3, + many reporters believe brother in 1986 3, was also a suspect in attempted murder in 1993 "was a far-left political extremist who was “obsessed” with President Obama to the point of being off-putting."[8] liberals liked her: she "was admired by her peers and loved by her students" and "was a super intelligent person."[9]
2009 Tim Kretschmer Germany public school 15 + himself[10] several others Europe calls for more gun control; liberal media promotes falsehood: "We'll never know why they kill."[5]
2008 Stephen Kazmierczak Northern Illinois University 5 + himself 16 Fan of Nietzsche's "The Antichrist," obsessed with self-injury, was a "cutter" in public high school, wore all black to carry out his massacre, and was still a public school student at age 27 Feigned shock at the fact that the gunman didn't "fit" the typical mold of a killer, when in fact the gunman wore all black and was taught at a public school.
2007 Robert Hawkins Papillion-La Vista public high school 8 + himself 5 Targeted Christmas shoppers; wore black; "I can't take this meaningless existence anymore"[11] Told a therapist that "he is not sure if there is a God or life after death and that when he dies, he'll probably go to hell." Told social workers he was satanic and acknowledged that he often acted before thinking of the consequences. [12] Avoided suggesting gun control lest Democrats lose West Virginia and Wisconsin in 2008 presidential election
2007 Pekka-Eric Auvinen Jokela High School public high school (Finland) 8 + himself About 12 Atheist, "I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit." Finland already had gun control
2007 Seung-Hui Cho Westfield public high school (VA), then Virgina Tech public university 32 + himself 25 "Ismail Ax" suggested Muslim beliefs, felt "Jesus was crucifying me." Poem comparing it to environmental harm[13][14]
2007 Asa Coon SuccessTech public school Academy (Cleveland) Himself 4 Said he didn't believe in God and didn't respect God, killed after classmate disagreed; wore black[15] Under-publicized because of his anti-God statements
2006 Kimveer Gill Rosemere High School (Quebec) 1 + himself 20 "I hate God" and "I hate religious zealots" Canada already had gun control
2002 Robert Steinhäuser Erfurt public school (Germany) 16 + himself Wore black entirely, literally from head to toe; stopped only when a teacher pulled off his black mask German gun control already strict, demands for limitations on computer games
1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Columbine public high school (CO) 13 + themselves 23 Atheistic, singled out a victim who believed in God. Demand gun control, causing Al Gore to lose West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas in 2000 presidential election
1998 Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden Westside Middle School 5 10 Mitchell Johnson, the older of the two, was obsessed with rap lyrics like "coming to school and killing all the kids."[16] Liberals blame the guns rather than the killer's obsession with rap music. Johnson is released at age 21 but is later arrested for new crimes.
1997 Michael Carneal Heath public high school (KY) 3 5 Murdered girls as they prayed in a prayer group Under-publicized due to anti-Christian nature
1989 Marc Lépine, at the École Polytechnique de Montréal Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel, (College of General and Vocational Education) 14 + himself 14[17] His religious views were unpublicized but he was raised in a home with an immigrant Muslim father who was allegedly highly critical of the feminist view of women's role in society; Marc's mother was an ex-nun; and his sister had allegedly committed suicide[18][19] Ignore the personal background of the killer and instead use the massacre to push for stricter gun control and more laws concerning violence against women, and establish in Canada a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.


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