Yulia Chicherina

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Yulia Chicherina

Yulia Chicherina is a Russian rock singer, musician, actress, author and performer of her own songs.

On January 2 , 2015, Chicherina gave a free New Year's concert in Luhansk, where she performed both her old songs and new ones from her latest album "A Tale of Wandering, finding Happiness and Saving the World". The concert was held as part of a charity event. After the performance Chicherina and others were put on the wanted list of Security Service of Ukraine.[1] The singer faces a five-year prison term "for encroaching on the integrity of the state". On January 4, 2015, Chicherina published her response to the SBU on her website:[2]

"Hatred and anger are completely destructive feelings, which can only be stopped by awareness and love, this requires a powerful effort of will, if nothing is done about it, hatred only thickens and grows, it changes people at the genetic level, for generations to come.

I have deep compassion for the people, whose temporary authorities put them on the wanted list for a couple of songs for their own children and turn a blind eye to their bloody mistakes against their own people. I wish you to be more self - critical and less emotional, because millions of people are in your hands."

On March 8, 2015, she visited Luhansk again, where she gave a festive charity concert and donated veterinary medicines for the Luhansk Zoo. She gave another visit and concert in the LPR in September on the occasion of the 220th founding of Luhansk. In the same year, she received a medal from the LPR "For an active life position, empathy for the fate of the LPR, high morale and patriotism, an invaluable contribution to the formation of a young state". In May 2017, she received citizenship LPR and a residence permit in Luhansk.

On New Years eve 2016 she gave a concert for Russian servicemen in Syria. In September 2016, Chicherina released a new single and music video "On the Front Line".[3] FIFA banned her from performing at the festival of fans of the World Cup in Rostov-on-Don in Russia. One of the alleged reasons for the ban is her repertoire of military-themed songs. In response, Chicherina called FIFA "football Bandera".[4]

Chicherina nas repeatedly expressed support for the residents of Donbas, uncontrolled parts of Ukraine, supporting them and condemning the actions of the Ukrainian Maidan regime.

On October 22 , 2020, she also received Donetsk Peoples Republic citizenship, and a little earlier she was awarded the cross "For Service in the Donbas" by the DPR People's Militia Department. She was also awarded the "Order of Friendship" of the DPR.


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