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Yun Po-sun(korean:윤보선 尹潽善, August 26, 1897 – July 18, 1990) was a South Korean politician, bureaucrat, journalist. 4th President of South Korea August 13, 1960 to March 24, 1962. ather 2nd Mayor of Seoul(1948 to 1949) and government Commerce minister(1949 to 1950), Chairman of Korean National Red Cross governor(1951 to 1952). chairman of Peoples News. a nickname was Haewi(해위 海葦[1]), Chinese name was Kyungchon(or GyungCheon).

Yun Po-sun was Americanic democratic Ideologist and anti-fascist, anti-communist activist. political and ideological, philosophical rival of Park Chung-hee, a South Korean nationalists dictator. one nephew of Yun Chi-ho.

Work books

  • "Road of Thorns; The National Salvation" (구국의 가시밭길)》 (1967)
  • "Select the Days of Lonely" (외로운 선택의 나날들)》 (1991)

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  1. Korean language spelling of sea reed