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This user believes
Abraham Lincoln
was the greatest president ever.
Use: {{User Lincoln}}
George w bush.jpeg
This user supports
President George W. Bush.
Use: {{User Bushfan}}
This user believes
Ronald Reagan
was the greatest president ever.
Use: {{User Reagan}}
Reagan1.jpg This user fondly remembers President Ronald Reagan.
Use: {{User ronny}}
Clinton head.jpg This user is nostalgic for the Clinton Presidency.
Use: {{User ClintonFan}}
Clinton head.jpg This user knows that this man is guilty of perjury
Use: {{User Clintonlied}}
Clinton head.jpg This user is disgusted by the tawdry lies brought upon the Presidency by this man
Use: {{User Clinton}}
Reagan1.jpg This user doesn't resemble Ronald Reagan--not one little bit.
Use: {{User not Regan}}
This user is deeply saddened that Newt Gingrich will not seek the Republican nomination for President.
Use: {{User Newt4pres}}
John McCain official portrait 2009.jpg
This user supports John McCain.
Use: {{User McCain}}
Sarah Palin.jpg
This user supports Sarah Palin.
Use: {{User Palin}}
Joe Biden, official photo.jpg
This user supports
Joe Biden
as vice president.
Use: {{User Biden}}
This user knows that this goofy president needs to go back to Toontown.
Use: {{User MickeyObama}}
This user supports
Barack Obama
because he is the president of the United States.
Use: {{User Obama2}}
This user does not support Barack Obama.
Use: {{User Not Obama}}
This user knows electing Obama was an Outrageously Big Awful Mistake, America!.
Use: {{User Obama acronym}}
Sarah Palin.jpg
This user will vote for Sarah Palin, rising Republican star, in 2012!
Use: {{User Palin2012}}
This user supports Ron Paul.
Use: {{User RonPaulOK}}
This user supports Mitt Romney.
Use: {{User Romney}}