American History Homework Thirteen Answers - Student 25

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Isaac Z

1. My favorite part of American history is the revolutionary war I like it because of what we accomplished against the British and how we were able to form our country.


2. Ronald Reagan was very generous and conservative he cared a lot for our country. Bill Clinton was selfish and liberal.

Good, concise summary of the differences. Could use as a model!

3. I think one of the main tends of American history is the power that continually rises in our country.

Good, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean here.

4. I think the most important threat to America is another depression. History has shown that after times of great wealth country's economies have fallen. As we are already in recession I think that the new president will have to work very hard.

Good insight about the importance of economics.

5. Yes, I do think that there is a connection between culture and the success of a nation. The roaring twenties were a time of success and cultural progress. Culture is very important to the success of a nation.

Excellent, will use as a model!

6. Two of the greatest achievements by Ronald Regan were the knocking down of the Berlin wall and the start of our missile defense system, "Star wars".

Superb, though note that Reagan did not literally knock down the wall himself. He publicized the idea that it should be torn down, and then it was shortly after his second term expired.

7. I would say in the late 1400's it was drawn. America was definitely much larger than that. we definitely exceeded the expectations because of the growth of our country and all that we have gained. God has truly blessed America through all time.

Superb answer, except the date is a bit later (mid-1500s). Columbus didn't discover America until 1492, and he thought he had found India.
Terrific answers. Perfect finish to your superb work all course. 70/70. Congratulations!--aschlafly 09:11, 21 December 2008 (EST)