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Aslan is one of the lead character in C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. He represents the Christ-figure in the series. Aslan is the son to the Emperor beyond the sea (God) and appears in the form of a lion. It is only in the last book The Last Battle that he is completely revealed in his true form.

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  • His first appearance is in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to overthrow the White Witch and her evil army. He arrives with an army and greets Peter, Susan and Lucy's arrival at camp. After learning of Edmund's treachery he agrees with the White Witch to take Edmund's place. He is killed by the White Witch at the stone table. Then on the next morning he is resurrected to establish the children as Kings and Queens.
  • He returns again in the second book, Prince Caspian, to overthrow the telmarines who have occupied Narnia and persecuted it's remnants. He wakes the trees to the aid of the true ruler, Prince Caspian. He establishes Caspian as King and returns Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy back to their own world.
  • He reappears in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to restore Eustace, Edmund and Lucy's cousin, from his dragon form. He again appears in the Magician's house to greet and confront Lucy. At the end of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader he greets the children at the end of the world. He returns the children back to their own world.
  • He is again seen in The Silver Chair at the beginning of the book. He gives Jill Pole the task of finding Prince Rillian and bringing him home. He appears at the end of the book to bring home Jill and Eustace.
  • In The Horse and His Boy he constantly appears to aid Shasta on his journey to Archenland and to Narnia. He confronts Shasta, his friend, Aravis, the talking horses, Bree and Hwin, and the insolent Prince Rabadash.
  • He again appears in The Magician's Nephew (the prequel to the series) to create Narnia and protect it from the evil Queen Jadis (the White Witch).
  • He is seen lastly in The Last Battle where he puts Narnia to an end and brings all the good creatures to his own land.[1]


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