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Ed Brayton is an American atheist blogger at freethoughtblogs.com. His blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars is a prominently featured blog at freethoughtblogs.com. He is also the co-founder and president of Michigan Citizens for Science and co-founder of the pro-evolution blog The Panda's Thumb.


Ed Brayton's challenge with being overweight

See also: Atheism and obesity

Pictures of an overweight Ed Brayton can be found HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

A video of an overweight Ed Brayton at the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Area School District trail can be HERE. A video of the overweight American atheist Ed Brayton mocking the fit Christian martial artist Chuck Norris can be found HERE. According to Chuck Norris, most obesity in America is the result of hedonism (see: Chuck Norris on the topic of obesity). Christians have good reasons to believe that a hedonist lifestyle is a causal factor of atheism (see: Causes of atheism).[1] Other videos of an overweight Ed Brayton can be found HERE and HERE.

Currently, there are a number of scientifically sound methods which medical science, nutritional science and exercise science offer which have assisted people in losing weight. In addition, a large body of medical science research indicates that obesity and/or excess weight is a causal factor for a large number of health problems (see: Physical and mental health related problems associated with obesity).

Lack of a plan to stop decline of global atheism and global agnosticism

Using academic studies, survey data and other information, supporters of the Question evolution! campaign maintain that including Ed Brayton, there is a lack of sound leadership within the agnostic/atheist and evolutionist communities in dealing with the global decline of atheism and agnosticism.


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