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The New Jersey Senate is made up of 40 senators from 40 different districts. In order to become a New Jersey senator he/she must be at least thirty years of age and lived in New Jersey for at least four years. Each senator must live in their legislative districts for one year before the election.

Current Senators

District One JEFF VAN DREW - Democrat

District Two JIM WHELAN - Democrat

District Three STEPHEN M. SWEENEY - Democrat

District Four FRED H. MADDEN, JR. - Democrat

District Five DANA L. REDD - Democrat

District Six JOHN H. ADLER - Democrat

District Seven DIANE B. ALLEN - Republican

District Eight PHILIP E. HAINES - Republican

District Nine CHRISTOPHER J. CONNORS - Republican

District Ten ANDREW R. CIESLA - Republican

District Eleven SEAN T. KEAN - Republican

District Twelve JENNIFER BECK - Republican

District Thirteen JOSEPH M. KYRILLOS, JR. - Republican

District Fourteen BILL BARONI - Republican

District Fifteen SHIRLEY K. TURNER - Democrat

District Sixteen CHRISTOPHER BATEMAN - Republican

District Seventeen BOB SMITH - Democrat

District Eighteen BARBARA BUONO - Democrat

District Nineteen JOSEPH F. VITALE - Democrat

District Twenty RAYMOND J. LESNIAK - Democrat

District Twenty-one THOMAS H. KEAN, JR. - Republican

District Twenty-two NICHOLAS P. SCUTARI - Democrat

District Twenty-three LEONARD LANCE - Republican

District Twenty-four STEVEN V. OROHO - Republican

District Twenty-five ANTHONY R. BUCCO - Republican

District Twenty-six JOSEPH PENNACCHIO - Republican

District Twenty-seven RICHARD J. CODEY - Democrat

District Twenty-eight RONALD L. RICE - Democrat

District Twenty-nine M. TERESA RUIZ - Democrat

District Thirty ROBERT W. SINGER - Republican

District Thirty-one SANDRA B. CUNNINGHAM - Democrat

District Thirty-two NICHOLAS J. SACCO - Democrat

District Thirty-three BRIAN P. STACK - Democrat

District Thirty-four NIA H. GILL, ESQ. - Democrat

District Thirty-five JOHN A. GIRGENTI - Democrat

District Thirty-six PAUL A. SARLO - Democrat

District Thirty-seven LORETTA WEINBERG - Democrat

District Thirty-eight ROBERT M. GORDON - Democrat

District Thirty-nine GERALD CARDINALE - Republican

District Forty KEVIN J. O'TOOLE - Republican