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Wikimedia Commons (simply called Commons within Wikimedia projects) is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to create a database of "free" media, such as images, sounds, and video. Media stored in Wikimedia Commons can be used in other Wikimedia projects, such as Wikipedia.[1]

Wikipedia Commons does not censor images submitted regarding pornography. However, Commons has a group of administrators who review deletion requests and copyright concerns. In 2009, a teenager took a couple of photos of himself and posted them to Wikimedia Commons. The first photo was of his bare legs, the second photo was of his nipple. In January 2012 he made a formal request asking Wikipedia commons remove the photos for him. Commons administrators denied his requests three times on the grounds that once he licensed Commons to distribute his photos, he could not revoke that license. Finally, another administrator who does not primarily focus on Commons took pity on the teenager and deleted the photos. In contrast, a director of the Wikimedia UK charity uploaded a bondage photo of himself naked from the waist down. He changed his mind about having that photo publicly available because he was selected to testify before Parliament, and got one of his Commons administrator friends to quietly delete the image without a debate.[2]


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