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Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation that seeks to report news from a "neutral point of view". However, the people writing for the site are not trained journalists and are not screened for conflicts-of-interest. When news breaks, wikinews in effect competes with the English Wikipedia in covering the event. Because there are many more editors active on English Wikipedia than on Wikinews, Wikipedia stays more current and attracts many more readers than Wikinews. In a number of cases, non-journalist wanting greater access or preferred seating at events will attempt to gain press credentials for the event by claiming to be covering the event for Wikinews.

In May 2008, Wikinews drew some media attention by removing Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales's administrator privileges on that site.[1]

In September 2011, a "large portion" of the Wikinews user base announced that they were dissatisfied with the site and created a fork called OpenGlobe.[2][3] The Open Globe fork ceased operations in August 2012.[4]

To fill the vacuum, several Wikipedia editors who were on bad terms with the leaders of the main Wikipedia project such as Laura Hale, assumed leadership roles on Wikinews and attempted to rebuild a volunteer base. On August 1, 2014, Wikinews had a global Alexa rating of 44,784.[5]


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