World History Homework One Answers - Student Fifteen

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Nathanael World History Homework Assignment 1

1. I hope to learn more about the history of the wonderful world that God created.

Superb, may use as a model answer.

2. I like the table that shows the reign of each empire. I enjoy learning about he conquering of the countries and the strategy involved.

Good, but they weren't really "countries" yet.

3. Hammurabi’s Code instilled discipline. If you broke a law there was no getting around it. You would be punished. I like the fact that if someone accused someone else wrongfully, then he or she was punished instead.


4. The major empires from the lecture are Mesopotamia, Assyrian’s, Babylon, Chaldean’s, Persians, Egypt, Greeks, and Romans.


5. The controversy between the Israelites and the Arab’s can be traced back to this weeks lecture. Fighting still exists between the two countries.

Good, but be a bit more specific.

6. The three kingdoms of ancient Egypt are the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. The Old Kingdom was secure and prosperous. The Middle Kingdom was a very religious period. The New Kingdom was a time of great influence.

Good, but add some dates for the time periods. (Minus 1).
Score: 59/60. Good start!--Andy Schlafly 21:58, 8 February 2009 (EST)