Abortion and infertility

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Infertility is associated with abortion,[1][2] for several reasons:

  • retention of fetal tissue, whereby the abortion is incomplete and tissue is left in the uterus. The tissue can then cause infections that damage reproductive ability, resulting in future infertility.
  • the scarring of inside the uterus or the top of the cervix. Abortions that dilate the cervix can damage it, and interfere with its ability to have a successful future pregnancy. Premature birth in future-born children, which can result in increased child mortality, is correlated with abortion.
  • the spread of a sexually transmitted disease through the instruments used in the abortion. One study concluded that abortion decreased fertility in women who had an existing or prior Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.[3]
  • delaying childbirth due to abortion results in a natural increase in infertility


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