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Conservapedia is a clean and concise resource for those seeking the truth. We do not allow liberal bias to deceive and distort here. Founded initially in November 2006 as a way to educate advanced, college-bound homeschoolers, this resource has grown into a marvelous source of information for students, adults and teachers alike. Our courses are ongoing and open to all here: Conservapedia:Index. We have received over 800 million page views!

A conservative approach to education is powerful and helpful in many ways. It equips students and adults to overcome inevitable obstacles, such as addiction and depression, and it guides learners to lasting insights. There are few, if any, conservative schools, and Conservapedia freely provides this unique approach for the benefit you and those around you.

The starting point for increasing your knowledge, your faith and the well-being of you and those around you is to understand concepts better. Conservapedia enables you to do that, and to impart what you have learned to others by editing here. The truth shall set you free. For the fundamental differences between Conservapedia and the hearsay society at Wikipedia, see Conservapedia:How Conservapedia Differs from Wikipedia.

No other encyclopedic resource on the internet is free of corruption by liberal untruths. Please look around while you're here, share this with others, edit your favorite entries, and enjoy the benefits of new insights that you never realized before. For example, do you know why pretzels have their shape? Click it to find out!

For a few additional quick references about Conservapedia, please see: Conservapedia:Quick reference and How Conservapedia Differs from Wikipedia.

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