American History Homework Five

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Lecture - Questions

Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture first. Then answer 6 out of the following 8 questions:

Spanking politician.jpg

1. Identify two of the most important outcomes of the Mexican War.

2. During the time period covered by this lecture, a political party became very strong and then disappeared. Identify it, and explain why it disappeared.

3. Lincoln v. Douglas: Why do you think Douglas beat Lincoln in 1858 (say which election), but then Lincoln won the rematch in 1860 (identify the election)?

4. Why were there so many one-term presidents in the 1840s and 1850s? Explain.

5. Lincoln thought Harriet Beecher Stowe caused the Civil War. What do you think?

6. Explain the cartoon, and what you think the cartoonist's view was. The woman's quote begins, "You have been a bad boy, Steve, ever since you had anything to do with that Nebraska Bill ...."

7. "Remember the Alamo!" Why?

8. Do you think it was possible to avoid the Civil War? If so, how?

Honors Questions

Answer three out of the following questions (in addition to the questions above):

H1. Discuss any of the issues or mysteries relating to this lecture (1840-1860).

H2. Hamilton v. Burr, Lincoln v. Douglas, Jefferson v. Adams - great rivalries in American history. What do they have in common? Discuss.

H3. The South thought it could win the Civil War. Why did it think that? Do you agree it was possible for the South to win?

H4. Discuss the role of campaign slogans and gimmicks: what worked, and what didn't.

H5. Compare or contrast the Dred Scott decision with Roe v. Wade.