American History Homework Six

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Lecture - Questions

American History Homework Six
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture first. Then answer any 6 out of the following 8 questions:

1. Was the main goal of the newly elected President Lincoln to end slavery, or save the Union?

2. Explain the purposes of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution.

3. Choose any mystery or discussion question from the lecture, and write about it.

4. How would you have handled Reconstruction differently?

5. Abraham Lincoln was homeschooled. Do you see any characteristics in him that might have reflected his homeschooling, such as his independent thinking?

6. Robert E. Lee. Who was his, and what's your view of him?

Abraham's Dream.jpg

7. Please interpret the cartoon about the dream to the right. Its title is "Abraham's dream!--'Coming events cast their shadows before.'" Lincoln is fleeing to left while wearing a Scotsman's plaid cap and a cape. He declares, "This don't remind me of any joke!!"

8. Please interpret the cartoon with Columbia below. The caption is, "The Chinese Question." Columbia says, "Hands off, gentlemen. America means fair play for all men."


Honors Questions

Answer three out of the following questions (in addition to the questions above):

H1. Discuss any aspect of the Battle of Gettysburg.

H2. Free enterprise after the Civil War: a good or bad thing?

H3. Write about any issue or debate from the time period of 1860-1876.

H4. Andrew Johnson: misunderstood or incompetent?

H5. Your view of Abraham Lincoln, please.