American History Homework Ten

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Lecture - Questions

American History Homework Ten
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture first.

Answer six out of the following seven questions.

1. Pick a question that you missed on the midterm exam, and describe several different ways that you could have figured out the correct answer instead.

2. Write about any aspect of World War I, such as how the United States got involved, or how it ended.

3. Please explain the "Spanish flu" of 1918 and whether you think the coronavirus COVID-19 is comparable today.

4. Who was the most influential person of the time period in this lecture? Explain.

5. Pick any debate or discussion topic or issue in this lecture, and answer it.

6. Briefly explain Constitutional Amendments 16 through 19.

7. Explain the cartoon to the right.

Angel of Peace.jpg

Honors (pick 3 out of 5)

H1. Discuss your view of the free speech decisions during World War I.

H2. Write about any military battle or innovation or tactic in World War I.

H3. Contrast the presidents in the era of this lecture.

H4. What is your opinion of Lochner doctrine?

H5. Do you think the ideas of Darwinism -- survival of the fittest -- made World War I so horrific?