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Anglicanism is considered one of the four or five main divisions of organized Christianity, the others being the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant (i.e. Reformed), and Old Catholic. Often, the term "Anglican Church" is associated with the Church of England specifically, but there are Anglican churches which are not affiliated with the Church of England. Those which are in full communion with her and the Archbishop of Canterbury are members of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide association of churches descending from the English church.

Other such federations of Anglicans are the Traditional Anglican Communion, the Orthodox Anglican Communion, the Anglican Church International Communion, plus such unaffiliated but recognized Anglican bodies as the Church of England in South Africa (CESA) and the various Continuing Anglican churches.

Anglicanism, as a religious perspective, is marked by adherence to historic Christian themes, but not the demand that members subscribe to a narrow definition of doctrine beyond the essentials. Anglicans, therefore, normally do not consider themselves to be confessional in the way that many of the churches of the Continental Reformation do. A wide range of worship styles from ornate to simple to contemporary are also to be found among Anglicans.

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