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Anti-Longism refers to the broad ideology, traits, and characteristics held by a coalition of political forces within the Louisiana Democratic Party[note 1] opposed to Huey Pierce Long, Jr., and his ideology—dubbed "Longism." Anti-Longites included the New Orleans–situated "Old Regular" remnant of the Regular Democratic Organization,[1] and were a powerful influence in the more Catholic Southern Louisiana where fomenting reformist sentiment created organized opposition to the Long Machine.

As governor of Louisiana, Long, a left-wing machine politician, was a shrewd leader though flagrantly corrupt and denounced by some observers as fascistic in his totalitarian rule.[1] Several years following his assassination,[note 2] anti-Longism rose as a potent force in state politics challenging the status quo of Longist rule.[2]


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  1. Louisiana was in effect a one-party state in the Jim Crow era due to the state constitution of 1898 disenfranchising blacks who comprised most of the Republican Party base.
  2. While generally concurred that Carl A. Weiss, Sr., was principally responsible for assassinating Long, anti-Longites argue that "the Kingfish" was actually killed (accidentally) by his own bodyguards.