Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

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Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, often referred to as Ahok, is a Indonesian politician, born June 29, 1966.[1] He is currently the governor of Jakarta, and stands strongly against corruption, which makes him popular with the Indonesian people, though not with the legislature.[2] He graduated from Trisakti University with a degree in geologic engineering and, after deciding geology was not his field, received an MBA from Prasetiya Mulya School of Management in Jakarta.[3]

He served as Deputy Governor of Jakarta prior to 2014, when Governor Joko Widodo was elected President of Indonesia.[4] He was defeated in the April 2017 gubernatorial election by a Muslim candidate.[4] Although having an approval rating of 76%, many Indonesians voted for his opponent due to religious factors.[5] Purnama, a Christian, was found guilty of blaspheming Islam in May 2017 and was sentenced to two years in prison.[5]

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