Bewitched (TV series)

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Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha Stevens in the 1964-1972 television series, Bewitched.

Bewitched was a popular sitcom, airing on ABC from 1964-1972.

It dealt with the day-to-day of Darren and Samantha Stevens' family; Samantha is a witch (whose power is activated by her ability to wiggle her nose without touching it) while Darren is a "mortal"; Samantha's meddling mother Endora disapproves of the marriage and often curses Darren in some manner (Samantha is unable to undo the spell and most of the episode featured Samantha trying to get her mother to undo it). Ultimately the two had a daughter, Tabitha, who had her mother's ability (though she had to use her fingers to wiggle her nose).

The series was the basis for a 2005 parody movie of the same name, starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

Controversial Christian cartoonist Jack Chick believed that the show was a means of getting people into the occult, portraying it in a tract of the same name.