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1. a crushing and unexpected defeat of an incumbent primary challenger who is perceived to be too big to fail, too important.

2. to express discontent with a member of leadership who does not listen to their own constituents. "I hope he gets Cantorized"

Past tense: Cantorized

Other uses: Cantored, "to Cantor"

Origin: In the primary election for Virginia's 7th congressional district, then Majority Leader Eric Cantor was believe to be a shoo-in for re-election.[1] On primary day, David Brat swept Eric Cantor by an 11-point margin of 55.5% to 44.5%.[2] Brat was heavily outspent, and barely raised more than $200,000 of funds.[3]

Eric Cantor was the first sitting Majority leader to lose that position in a primary, since the position was created in 1899.[4]