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This category contains a list of images used on Conservapedia that are public domain. A work may become public domain in any of several ways:

  • Its copyright may have expired. In the United States, copyrights have expired for:
    • Any work published before 1923
    • Works where the author died more than 70 years ago
    • Works published prior to 1989 that did not bear a copyright notice
    • Works where the shorter (then 28 years from the date of publication) copyright expired prior to 1978 and was not renewed
  • It may be ineligible for copyright. Works ineligible for copyright include:
    • Works of the federal government (state government works are subject to copyright, as are those of some partially autonomous agencies such as the Postal Service)
    • Works in which there is no creative act involved, for example, making a photocopy or taking a picture of a 2-dimensional object
  • It may have been released into the public domain by the copyright holder. Please note that this is not legally valid in all places and so it is important for the copyright holder to "disclaim all rights" to the work, in addition to declaring it to be public domain

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