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Constitutional Liberty Coalition also known as 'Grassroots for Life & Liberty' and 'Tea Party Grassroots', hopes to build a coalition of leaders, with Christian, Constitutional underpinnings who are committed to genuine grassroots efforts, including restoring the Republic to Founding principles. A partial mission statement reads, "We will encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, and free markets. In keeping with the principles upon which the United States was founded, we think this mission is best fulfilled through efforts from the bottom up, not the top-down."


Constitutional Liberty Coalition got involved in the first round of Tea Parties, which occurred on February 27, through the Twitter-based TCOT Action Projects group. CLC was concerned that a national Tea Party agenda was developing behind the scenes and left TCOT projects for true 'grassroots' groups. They explain what to look for in truly grassroots organizations.[1]

  • Provide resources, information, links, about the basic issues that set off the whole movement.
  • Suggest action steps even before attending an event.
  • Provide links to local grassroots entities so people may find other like-minded individuals nearby with whom they can work to have an impact on the very concerns that motivated them to seek out an event in the first place.
  • Avoid “sponsorships” and entering into relationships with the alphabet soup of 501c3 corporations who have been around for decades. If *these groups are so effective, how did we arrive at the place as a country in which we find ourselves today?
  • Provide resources, help, support, and advice for Tea Party organizers so that their events are successful avoid the common pitfalls that fall into the hands of the mainstream media's attempts to paint the whole endeavor as run by the Republican Party, particular organizations, and pointed at the President alone.

Get Involved

  • Organize Rallies and Protests
  • Visit your representatives at the capitol
  • Run for office or help a candidate who shares your values
  • Be a regular voice at your capitol and in your city government
  • Study your constitution & know your rights
  • Be helpful to those who are active and involved in grassroots activities - remind those who are paid to lobby that they work for someone and it may not be you and your interests!


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