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The adherents of cryonics put the deceased person in cryonic suspension via cooling and perfusing the corpse with cryoprotective solutions.[1][2]

Cryonics is a pseudoscience that tries to extend life or achieve immortality in a non-theistic way after a person is legally dead (See also: Atheism and cryonics and Atheism and death).[3][4] Cryonic procedures are performed shortly after a person's death. The adherents of cyronics also engage in pet cryopreservation.[5]

Cryonics involves the preservation at cryogenic temperatures of organic material, usually humans, with the intent of future resuscitation. Presently the process is hypothetical, but the hope among many cryonicists is that cryopreservation (near -200 °C[6]) of an individual immediately after death will increase the chances of revival in a future time period when medical technology is able to reverse whatever ailment has killed the individual.[7] In the United States there are many cryonics organizations, the most well-known of which being the Alcor Life Extension Organization[8]

Mind uploading

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Advocates of mind uploading (Mind uploading is the notion that someday mankind may be able to scan and upload their minds to computer storage mediums) are generally strong advocates of cryonics as well.[9] Mind loading is not a feasible hypothesis.[10][11]

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