Debate:How Should a Conservative Vote in the UK 2010 General Election

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The next General Election of the United Kingdom parliament must take place on or before June 3, 2010.

Although the debate in the mainstream media of the UK centres around the three main parties (the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats), there are other parties that might give a better and more Conservative set of policies, although nobody would claim that any UK party is a truly Conservative party.

Support UKIP, Vote Tory

Personally, I support UKIP more than any of the three "main" parties, but I will be voting Conservative Party for two reasons:

  • A vote for UKIP is a vote away from the Conservative Party and, basically, to the Labour Party. We can't continue with this government.
  • My local MP is brilliant. He is one of only a few (I think only 5) MPs to have voted against the "Climate Change Bill" and he is a proper conservative. I support him, but I don't support David Cameron very much.
Newton 19:12, 30 March 2010 (EDT)

A true conservative will vote based upon the quality of the candidate. If there is a candidate from a party you don't generally agree with, but whom you trust and respect you should vote for them. Pragmatism not ideology is the core of British conservatism, vote for the individual who'll do the best job, not the one who mindlessly follows the ideology closest to your views.--Smottram101 18:06, 5 April 2010 (EDT)