Debate:Separation of Church and State Vs. Judeo-Christian West

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The secular movement spawned several of the great immoralities of the 20th century: evolutionism, Planned Parenthood, the abortion lobby, the Sexual Revolution, mass atheism, not to mention fascism and communism. Yet even influential good Christian conservatives like Charlie Kirk advocate for the separation of church and state.[1] Why is that?

I obviously don't want the government enforcing religious values. But until a few decades ago, it was part of the social convention. A variety of events occurred to alter that, the most notable would be the emergence and mainstreaming of the radical left. Can't we just have some sort of guideline, taught in schools, for example? Can we make laws with Christian wording? A lot of people, for some reason, seem to forget that Western civilization was built upon Judeo-Christian values! Maybe we should give the Bible a more special place in our society, instead of treating it like any other book. Maybe we can treat churches and synagogues as though they are not just another place of worship, but centres of Western life! Churches and synagogues should not be regarded as equivalents of mosques, Dharmic temples, or Native campfires. As I previously stated, Judaism and Christianity built the West!

Rejecting secularism doesn't necessarily mean rejecting freedom of religion. (I definitely don't want to see a Christian or Judeo-Christian equivalent of the current Islamization of the West.) Rejecting secularism may just mean wanting society to accept Judaism and Christianity as central, and to accept Judeo-Christian moral values. I don't want to end up in some kind of authoritarian theocracy, but I'm not sure that rejecting secularism would signify or lead to that. I'm not sure.

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