Duncan I (1034-1040)

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Duncan I

King of Scotland
In office
November 25, 1034 – August 14, 1040
Preceded by Malcolm II
Succeeded by Macbeth

Born c. 1001
Died August 14, 1040

Duncan I (c. 1001 - August 14, 1040), king of Scotland (1034-1040) came to the throne on the death of his elderly grandfather, Malcolm II. He was the son of Malcolm’s daughter and an abbot. It is likely he had been appointed king of Strathclyde by Malcolm, though probably under Malcolm’s overlordship, in about 1018. He is credited with being the first to be given the title: King of Scots.

He is the Duncan of Shakespeare’s Macbeth however, unlike the old man of the play, there is evidence that he died relatively young. He is recorded as campaigning into the highlands, and led at least one foray into Northumbria which was a disaster. It was after this that Macbeth challenged. The two forces met near Elgin in Moray and Duncan was killed.

He may have been buried on Iona.