Essay:When Government Mandates Become Arbiters of Truth

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When Government Mandates Become Arbiters of Truth
by Nancy Thorner

It is time for the “Mu variant” to scare Americans into submission? "The World Health Organization has said it is monitoring a new coronavirus variant known as "Mu", first identified in Colombia in January 2021.

Mu, known scientifically as B.1.621, has been classified as a "variant of interest", the global health body said in its weekly pandemic bulletin.

The WHO said the variant has mutations that indicate a risk of resistance to vaccines and stressed that further studies were needed to better understand it.

"The Mu variant has a constellation of mutations that indicate potential properties of immune escape," the bulletin said.

Might the emergence of the "Mu variant” scare, and the Delta, be attributed to those Neanderthals who refuse to do what it good for them and for society?

Furthermore, might the Mu variant scare likewise provide the impetus to continue masking and vaccine mandates?

Scare factor

Hypocrites on the left are telling us lockdowns equal freedom- see here (see also here for same article at AIER). Yes, there is a sick distorted “logic” to this, but author, Barry Brownstein, professor emeritus of economics and leadership at the University of Baltimore, explains in the linked article here why this is both evil and stupid.

The take-away quote in Brownstein's article is from Hayek: "What individualism teaches us is that society is greater than the individual only in so far as it is free. In so far as it is controlled or directed, it is limited to the powers of the individual minds which control or direct it.”

Brownstein concludes himself that “Health collectivists, behaving like Jacobins, are sure there is one best way; they believe they are the arbiter of truth. Cloaking themselves in the holy robes of the augur of the common good, dissent is not to be tolerated. The end to the pandemic requires not that we follow the collectivists but that we are free to consider different perspectives and discover in the course of an uncoerced social process what really works.”

Nurses take action

Nurses from across the nation are standing up in protest to the Covid mandates, even at the sake of losing their livelihood, with reports about patients who've been injected with the so-called anti-Covid shots.

“While for over a year medical evidence, without question, reported that the Covid injections being mandated are dangerous, nurses have reported the following":

  • multi-organ dysfunction
  • septic shock
  • acute kidney injury
  • backup of fluids causing a drowning from within of body
  • blood clots
  • death

“To protect citizens from the diabolical scheme that reportedly may injure scores of innocent people - not by a virus, as serious as it is, but by repetitive injections. These nurses are willing to stand and say, 'enough!' However, the establishment is quickly silencing them; the nurses are being fired or forced to quit their jobs.” More here:

Meanwhile in Israel

Citizens must either accept the injection or have their vaccine passport revoked.

Recently Prof. Salman Zarka, Israel’s COVID-19 health czar, “called for the country” to prepare for their “fourth doses of the” Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, as the third booster shot is already predicted to fail.

Admitting that vaccines will never stop COVID, and claiming that life will never return to normal, Zarka added “This is our life from now on, in waves.” Zarka previously suggested that Israelis could be required to take more vaccines with every new “wave” of COVID-19. Israel exclusively uses the Pfizer vaccine.

Pfizer, meanwhile, is busy developing a twice-per-day COVID-19 pill that its CEO believes will become required alongside vaccinations to fight the China-originated virus with a 99.97% survival rate.

Mandates in other countries

The former VP of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon says that in the UK, in this article “ The gloves are off,” UK govt to inject all 12-15-year-olds without parental consent, the police state are going to force, just like Australia did, the shot on innocent kids who have either a zero, or very close to zero, chance of dying from Covid. Justin Trudeau in Canada wants to start vaccinating children under 12 by early 2022. But do NOT try to protect your kids, or you just might get time in jail, like Anthony Khallouf did in Australia for organizing protests against things like the late Aug. 2021 insult to common decency, where 24,000 Australian teens were mass vaccinated in Sydney while police, in the state of Victoria, Australia, their disgusting premier Daniel Andrews declared that unvaccinated people will be “locked out” of all health care and hospital service, including kids. How compassionate, and what a great way to destroy the family.

Of course, If you recall, Marx wrote “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie.” Best of all, abolishing the family would be relatively easy once bourgeois property was abolished. “The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.”

What about Ivermectin?

An article of 7-28-21 appearing in the Wall Street Journal by David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper, Why Is the FDA Attacking the Safe, Effective Drug Ivermectin that It Approved Twice, noted the following:

“In 1996 and March 2020 the FDA approved Ivermectin as a promising Covid treatment and prophylaxis, but now the agency is denigrating it. More FDA here.

"Earlier this year the agency put out a special warning that you should not use Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19.” The FDA’s statement included words and phrases such as serious harm, hospitalized, dangerous, very dangerous, seizures, coma and even death and highly toxic.

Looking at 2019 CDC guidance, one has to wonder if one of the reasons why there is such a run on Ivermectin is because our own government is using it, not for horses, but for refugees. Yet these same government agencies are running a blood libel-style smear campaign against the drug and its users by misleading people into conflating it with a veterinarian version of the drug, leading many people to think it's some sort of poison for humans. In the process, they are leaving thousands of COVID patients without any other options for treatment.

Concluding thoughts

It is strange that people who would never think of buying the very first edition of a new car or unnecessarily volunteer for a first time-ever brain surgery, are lining up for the vax that has not successfully passed animal trials and is unapproved for the prevention of Covid except as an emergency authorization – in sum, you are legally an un-named participant in a Stage 4 FDA Vaccine Trial.

Were you aware of that when you signed up? Or did they just look for people who could manipulated by fear. But of course, the bought and paid for FDA rolled over for Big Money, so that point is now moot.

Did you know that “If you receive any type of COVID vaccine, you are not eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross? One of the Red Cross requirements for plasma from routine blood and platelet donations that test positive for high-levels of antibodies to be used as convalescent plasma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine. This is to ensure that antibodies collected from donors have sufficient antibodies directly related to their immune response to a COVID-19 infection and not just the vaccine, as antibodies from an infection and antibodies from a vaccine are not the same.”