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Fire safety is an important set of principles that is too often forgotten. In 2006, 3,245 civilian fire-related fatalities were reported in the United States, killing more Americans than all other natural disasters combined.[1]

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Important fire safety tips

  • Every bedroom and floor in a house should have a working smoke detector, which should be tested yearly.
  • Home fire drills should be practiced regularly! At least twice a year.
Every Home Should Have an Evacuation Plan With a Safe Meeting Place!
  • Electrical outlets should not be overloaded.
  • Also, electrical receptacles within reach of young children should be covered, as children often stick metal objects into them. Electrical receptacles cause over 5,000 fires annually.[2]
  • Similarly, lighters and matches should be kept away from children, and children should never be allowed to use fireworks.[3]
  • When a fire is discovered in a home, the building should be evacuated immediately, without stopping to collect valuables. 911 should be called from a neighbor's house.
  • Smokers should never smoke in bed.
  • A house should have at least one fire extinguisher in the house, preferably in the kitchen.

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