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Sex change operation, also known as sexual reassignment, gender affirming care or genital mutilation refers to several surgical procedures performed to make the genitals and secondary sex characteristics of an individual more like those of the opposite sex. Other non-surgical treatments are also used such as hormone replacement or chemical castration.

Some of the people who pursue this surgery are from the following categories of gender-confused individuals:

  • Crossdressers: Previously known as "transvestites", members of this group of individuals are content with their birth gender, but choose to dress up as and use the mannerisms of the opposite gender.
  • Drag performers: Drag performers, the male half of which is sometimes referred to as "drag queens," are individuals who dress up as and use the mannerisms of the opposite sex for the purpose of entertaining an audience.
  • Transsexuals: Individuals belonging in this group were born into one gender but identify emotionally and psychologically with the other.
  • Intersexed: An intersexed person is someone who was born with ambiguous genitalia, so doctors assigned him/her a specific gender at birth. Sometimes this assignment doesn't correlate with the biological XX or XY gender. These children are socialized as a certain gender, but as they grow older, they might not necessarily identify as they were assigned and would want to switch to the opposite gender.

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