Graf Zeppelin (aircraft carrier)

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Graf Zeppelin
Flag Flag of Nazi Germany.png Nazi Germany Jack.png
Owner Deutchland Kriegsmarine
Shipyard Deutsche Werke
Kiel, Germany
Type Aircraft carrier
Authorized 16 November 1935
Keel laid 28 December 1936
Launched 8 December 1938
Status Destroyed and sunk as a target
16 August 1947
Displacement 33,550 tons
Length 861 ft 3 in
Beam 103 ft 4 in
Draft 24 ft 11 in
Speed 35 knots est.
Armament Sixteen SK (ship's guns) C/28 15 cm.
Twelve Flak (10.5 cm)
Twenty-two SK C/30 AA (3.7 cm)
Twenty-eight Flak (2.0 cm)
Aircraft Ten Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters
Twenty Junkers Ju 87 dive bombers
Twenty Fieseler Fi 167 torpedo bombers
Crew 1,720 officers and men
306 flight personnel

Graf Zeppelin was an aircraft carrier built and launched in Germany just prior to World War II, and remains the only such vessel ever constructed by that country. Launched in 1938, Graf Zeppelin was partially fitted-out before work was abandoned due to the reversals of the war, lack of funding, and in-fighting between high-ranking Nazi Party and military officials. Never commissioned and placed in service, she was sunk as a target in the Baltic Sea by the Soviet Union in 1947.