Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein debate

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Dr. Greg Bahnsen became known as "the man atheists fear most" due to Michael Martin's cancellation of their scheduled debate.[1][2]

In 1985, the Christian apologist Greg Bahnsen and the atheist Gordon Stein had a debate at the University of California, Irvine regarding the positions of atheism and theism. Bahnsen was particularly known for his Christian presuppositional apologetics.

In debates with atheists, presuppositional apologists will frequently ask their debate opponents the foundations/rationale of their various assumptions, beliefs and assertions and show logical inconsistencies in the opponents worldview. In the Bahnsen-Stein debate, one of the key moments of the debate was when Stein was asked to account for the existence of the laws of logic in an atheist worldview (see: Atheism and logic),[3]

The Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein debate is a very well-known debate in the presuppositional apologetics genre. To see a full transcript of the debate, see: Greg Bahnsen vs. Gordon Stein Debate Transcript.

John Frame wrote regarding the debate in which Dr. Bahnsen used the transcendental argument for the existence of God that "In the end, Stein walked and talked like a broken man."[4]

The Greg Bahnsen-Gordon Stein debate was recorded and transcribed and was dubbed "The Great Debate".[5][6] See also: Greg Bahnsen and debate

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