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Gustavus Adolphus (1594 - 1632)

Gustav II Adolf (1594–1632), sometimes known by his Latinized name Gustavus Adolphus, was the King of Sweden (1611–1632) who led the nation to military supremacy during the Thirty Years War, helping to determine the political as well as the religious balance of power in Europe. He belonged to the dynasty of Vasa, and was the grandson of Gustav Vasa.

His most notable military victory was the battle of Breitenfeld (1631). With a superb military machine with good weapons, excellent training, and effective field artillery, all backed by a highly efficient government back home that paid the bills on time. Gustavus Adolphus was poised to make himself a major European leader, but he was killed in battle in 1632. He was succeeded by Axel Oxenstierna (1583–1654) as the regent of Sweden, with his daughter Kristina later assuming the throne.