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House of Hapsburg

The Habsburg (commonly anglicised to "Hapsburg") ruling family was a powerful ruling dynasty throughout Europe, especially in Austria where it ruled from 1278 to 1918. This family served as Holy Roman Emperors for several centuries (until 1806), and as Kings of Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, and Bohemia. They installed Maximillian as the Emperor of Mexico from 1864 to 1867 (the Mexicans shot him).

Origins and Rise to Power in Austria

The name "Habsburg" is derived from Habichtsburg Castle, over which the Habsburg line originally held control. This castle was sited in present-day Switzerland. The Habsburgs came to power in Austria after the Babenberg dynasty lost control over that duchy and King Ottokar of Bohemia, who then conquered it, died.

Schoenbrunn Palace.jpg

Schoenbrunn (Schönbrun) Palace.

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