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The Institute for the Study of War is the prime source for Western fake news media.[1]

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), colloquially dubbed the Institute for the Study of War Propaganda is a neocon think tank headed by Fred Kagan, brother of neocon godfather Robert Kagan and brother-in-law of Maidan regime conspirator Victoria Nuland.[2] ISW shaped many narratives for the fascist Ukraine propaganda war.[3] Russia is viewed in ISW reports as backward and capable only of ‘meat assaults’—a sort of glorified zombie horde from a video game where, as long as you have enough ammunition, you can stop them at the gates. In a late 2023 report the ISW clearly articulates NATO's goal is to turn the Black Sea into a NATO lake, and even confesses, "The future of NATO is bound up with the future of Ukraine much more tightly than most people understand."[4]

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