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James Allen Rhodes was a four-term Republican governor from Ohio. He served as governor from 1963-1971 and again from 1975–1983. He is one of only four governors nationwide to have four-4 year terms as governor. He attempted to run a fifth time in 1986, but lost to incumbent Richard Celeste.

Political career

Aside from serving as governor, he was mayor of Columbus, Ohio from 1943–1951, and State Auditor from 1952 until winning the 1974 election for Governor. He ran for and lost a bid for United States Senate in 1970.[1]

Kent State Protests

During his first tenure, he called in the Ohio National Guard to quell the Kent State protests, which resulted in the deaths of 4 students. He said of the protesters the day before the shootings that they were "worse than brownshirts" and that he was determined to keep the National Guard on campus "until we get rid of them."[2]


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