Khanate of the Golden Horde

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Khan means "king" in Mongolian and Turkic. The greatest Khan was the military genius Genghis Khan. The Golden Horde was one of the four empires that emerged as a result of the division of the Great Mongol Empire. Its territories the steppes of Central Asia, Volga and Russia. Initially it was the domain of Zuchi, the eldest son of Genghis Khan. Zuchi was succeeded by his son Batu. Other famous rulers of Golden Horde are Berke, Uzbek, Ahmed, Janibek, Tohtamysh. Golden Horde split into the Greater Horde, Lesser Horder, Nogai Orda, Ak Orda, Kok Orda, Kazan Khanate, Astrakhan Khanate, Siberian Khanate and Crimean Khanate. The capital city was first Sarai-Batu, then Sarai-Berke.