Largest American cities named for Christ

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Largest American cities named for Christ that rank in the top 200.

Rank City Population Meaning
7 San Antonio, Texas 1,382,951 Saint Anthony of Padua
8 San Diego, California 1,338,348 Saint Juan Diego of Mexico
10 San Jose, California 982,765 Saint Joseph, Father of Jesus
14 San Francisco, California 825,863 Saint Francis of Assisi
35 Sacramento, California 475,516 Holy Sacrament
57 Santa Ana, California 330,920 Saint Anne, Mother of Mary
58 St. Louis, Missouri 318,172 Saint Louis of France
60 Corpus Christi, Texas 318,172 Body of Christ
66 St. Paul, Minnesota 290,770 Saint Paul, Apostle of the Gentiles
98 San Bernardino, California 213,295 Saint Bernardino of Siena
132 Santa Clarita, California 179,013 Saint Clare of Assisi
134 Providence, Rhode Island 178,042 Protective care of God
141 Santa Rosa, California 170,685 Saint Rose of Lima
142 Port St. Lucie, Florida 168,716 Saint Lucy of Syracuse