FIFA Laws of the Game

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The Laws of the Game are seventeen rules that govern the game of soccer. These rules may be modified for players under sixteen years of age, women, soccer players over thirty-five years of age, and players with disabilities.[1] Permissible modifications are:

  • Changes to the size of the playing field
  • Changes to the size, weight and material of the ball
  • Adjustments to the width between the goalposts and the height of the crossbar from the ground
  • Changes in the duration of the periods of play
  • Substitutions
  1. sets the standards for a soccer field, dictating the dimensions, markings, goal area, etc.
  2. dictates the requirements for the soccer ball.
  3. is about the number of players in a soccer match. An official game may not be played with fewer than seven players on each team, including the goalies.
  4. states the requirements for a player's equipment, requiring that he not wear anything which may endanger himself or others.
  5. appoints the referee as the authority in an official soccer match.
  6. concerns the duties of the two assistant referees.
  7. dictates the duration of a soccer match, and the procedure for shortening the time.
  8. is about the start and restart of play.
  9. sets the conditions under which the ball is considered in or out of play.
  10. concerns the scoring of goals.
  11. sets the conditions for an offside position.