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Liberapedia is a wiki project which describes itself as a "wiki that tries to give truthful and accurate information about liberal beliefs, which have been proved better... than other points of view", yet, in its content, turns out to be just a parody wiki based on liberal views.[Citation Needed]

General information[edit]

Liberapedia is significantly smaller than Conservapedia, only containing about 3,300 articles. Most articles on the website are poorly-written, and some of them are incredibly short, containing only up to 500 characters written by a single editor.

The articles themselves contain little factual content and mostly consist of poorly-explained subjective opinions (which have little to do on an encyclopedia)[Citation Needed] and "jokes" of questionable quality—the presence of which is often explained in the beginning of the article. Quite often, the articles just refer to Wikipedia or another wiki for factual information. However, Liberapedia is so far-left that they consider Wikipedia to be biased to the right,[1] and Liberapedia openly describes itself as, "Your source for Liberal ideas, Social Democrat and Socialist viewpoints," as opposed to Wikipedia and to an extent RationalWiki, where this bias is more implicit.

The concept of a "Liberapedia" is redundant, since Wikipedia is already the left-leaning biased counterpart to Conservapedia.

Liberapedia on Conservapedia[edit]

"Conservapedia sucks because they have stupid fundy religious ideas and right-wing crap. They hate everything that is in the left-wing spectrum, and they think that they are trust-worthy."

The website constantly accuses Conservapedia, as well as anything labeled by them as "conservative", of being incorrect or ignorant. For example, the conservatives are called "hypocrites", "poorly educated", "racist", and many other names without any explanation or evidence.

Liberal trolls and vandals (along with a few regular liberal contributors on Conservapedia) frequently try to impose their views and censor facts[Citation Needed], the truth and conservative views on this site through their edits to turn it into Liberalpedia as well, but such efforts never succeed as their edits are reverted, and the offenders are almost always banned for vandalism, vulgarity, immaturity, trolling and insertion of liberal lies, propaganda and information known to be incorrect.

Liberapedia on liberals[edit]

Liberapedia has referred to itself as quote "a thriving source of the truth on the internet" while giving no information on why it is the "truth".

"Liberal men are by far better in bed and tend to be in better physical, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual health than conservative men. In contrast, conservative men tend to be obese, inhibited, abusive, and they'd rather view porn than please their wives." They provide no evidence of this, and this information can be contradicted very easily as well as exposed for what it is, liberal projection.and

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