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LinkedIn is a social networking website intended for business professionals to communicate and advertise themselves. It was officially launched on May 5, 2003.[1] This was before the launch dates of the other major social networking sites which are common today, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. By the beginning of 2005, LinkedIn's membership had already increased to over four million. In 2006, LinkedIn reported a net profit for the first time since its founding. In 2011, LinkedIn was added to the New York Stock Exchange (at $45 per share). They started out the year with over 135 million users.[2] In 2016, Microsoft bought out LinkedIn for 26.2 billion dollars.[3]

Political stance

LinkedIn is a liberal company, and has demonstrated this is numerous ways. They are environmentalists, and oppose religious freedom.[4] Their employees donate overwhelmingly to democrat and liberal causes.[5] They also showed interest in censoring Donald Trump, while he was the US president.[6]