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MÍDIA SEM MÁSCARA is a website designed to publishing ideas and news that are systematically hidden away, despised or distorted by virtue of the leftist bias of the Brazilian news media. Although we don’t have resources to promote a far-reaching inspection, MÍDIA SEM MÁSCARA gathers examples that, by them themselves, are enough to provide you with a notion of the extent and gravity of leftist manipulation over the national news bulletin.

The phenomenon concerning the left-wing control has been lasting for so long, with so many facts suppressed from the public in the course of more than twenty years, that it is now as important to restore the past as it is to denounce the present. We are equally concerned with older newspapers and more recent ones. After all, the accumulation of what the old newspapers had said formed the bottom of beliefs that constitute the judgment grounds of the news of the moment. It is not worth while to correct one or another account in particular when the standards consolidated through a prolonged repetition of lies have already blunted the sensibility of the public. Yet, the examples turn up in unlimited version.

Since the 80’s Brazilians are denied information about, for instance, tortures and deaths of prisoners in Cuba, the constant getaway of important employees of the Cuban regime, about Fidel Castro’s personal involvement in drug dealing, etc. They are denied information on the continuous preparations on the part of China for a nuclear war, the support of Russia and China to terrorist movements, about the new and more awful KGB´s functions, etc. They are denied information even about the American Right, whose acts and words come to us only in its monstrously distorted version made up by the Clintons et caterva. Brazilians are denied information on virtually everything historians have found out, throughout more than one decade, through researches in the files at Moscow.

This manipulation is broad and not restricted to the militants or collaborators of a party. The current that dominates us nowadays encompasses the totality of the 70’s leftist opposition, which branched itself out into distinct associations in order to take the whole over more easily without giving an impression overly blatant of monolithic control.

But the monolithic control exists. The uniformity of the selective censorship in the many newspapers and TV channels is too evident for any one to honestly deny it. Even more notable is the unanimity of the reactions in the media in the face of any simple threat to the prevailing leftism.

As the latest electoral campaign made clear, all several Left factions are set apart only due to petty objections, but more and more united in the intent of slandering, criminalizing and excluding from the political process anything that is or seems right-oriented.

The entire national media is a docile tool on behalf of this maneuver. What is the worst is that, at the same time, the newspapers that yield to that are nevertheless labeled as “conservatives” by the Left itself, and thus it can carry on making delightful use of instruments “above all suspicion”.

In many other countries there is also a leftist control over the media. Yet, nowhere such control is so complete and sweeping as within Brazil. Everywhere else you can find papers, magazines, radio and TV stations, academic thesis and, most of all, books, many books denouncing the state of affairs, endeavouring to change it, and, not seldom, accomplishing it.

In Brazil, the few who attempt to stand facing this situation are victims of hatred, cowardice and paltriness of the expedients to which the powerful men have resorted to in order to shut us up. The deaf and blind unwillingness – not to mention the irony and mockery – that indifferent and foolish people oppose to your efforts are indescribable.

Will take more than this generalized habit to explain the abyssal descent of the intellectual capacities in this country, exactly on the decade when education appropriations were multiplied several times, the book industry enhanced formidably, academic education intensified like never before and barely two or three per cent are out of school? No, Brazilians are not growing stupid because they are short of books, newspapers and schools. They are becoming stupid because opposed to information and education they received left propaganda instead and they got used to misunderstanding it as culture and intelligence.

In MÍDIA SEM MÁSCARA you will find book reviews, translations of news and articles unheard-of in Brazil, economic analyses and reproductions of some quotations found in the national media which the eyes of the general public take no notice of.