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February 23

The New Scientist publication plans to run a story about Conservapedia on Friday here: [1].

February 22

Alexa now tracks Conservapedia traffic, and says our internet ranking is improving!

89,000 page hits on Conservapedia on Wednesday!

February 17

Conservapedia is a "link you need on your 'Favorites' list" says the Illinois Review. Read the full story here.

February 14

Conservapedia surpasses 100,000 page views!!!

America's first public schools were founded so that children would be able to read the Bible: click here.

February 12

Join the debate on the meaning of the Greek term for Christian faith at Talk:Faith.

We have posted the first lecture for American History. The second lecture will post after more progress is made on entering descriptions for the first lecture. Editing is easy! Help Pages are available.

February 7

The strategy is improving for challenging the exclusion of homeschoolers from high school sports in New Jersey. Add your suggestions here.

February 3

Conservapedia breaks 90,000 page views!!!!!

February 2

Two questions have been challenged on today's World History final exam. Both challenges have been rejected for reasons stated on that link.

February 1

Textbooks teach that many of the Founding Fathers were deists. In fact, few of them were! Read how Benjamin Franklin rejected deism. Contribute your own evidence this debate!

Conservapedia surpasses 11,000 page edits!!!