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Manuel Rodríguez de Castro (Seville, 1964) Economist. Industrialist, Spanish Politician, has a MBA from the "Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa" (Institute of Superior Studies of the Company) of the University of Navarre, as well as a graduate degree in International Financial Markets from the CEMFI of the Bank of Spain. He had specialization studies in MIT and is also he is an expert in Fusions and Acquisitions from Institute of Company and the Faculty of Laws of the University of Harvard.

Politic Life

Manuel Rodriguez de Castro, who had a high position of the Spaniard government from 1996, was the founder and first president in 1998 of one of the most important initiatives of which the Government of Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004) called Plan XXI of Information Technologies: Project RILCO (Logistic Latin American Commerce and Network), Uniting the efforts of several of the most important logistic enclaves of Ibero-America and USA, ports, airports and free zones. Manuel Rodriguez de Castro permanently traveled from on side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other, until he obtained his objective between 1996 and 2001, year in which he dedicated to private matter businesses.

Latin American Logistics and Commerce Network (RILCO)

Latin American Logistics and Commerce Network (Rilco) is a pioneering company as regards the development of transnational electronic commerce. The offered services enable the free zones, ports, airports and other entities to operate at world level, promoting the international trade between companies, saving costs and time and bringing near geographical points too much far as for the reach of the traditional trade. Thus, Rilco offers a quality service 24 hours and give concrete responses to the commercial needs of Latin America and the European Union through the New Technologies adapted to trade.

Located at Cadiz, an Andalusian city in southern Spain, opened to sea and having a privilege location as gateway to the European Union for the American and African continents, Rilco is provided with one of the best material and human means to carry out foreign trade operations between Latin America and the EU. Relaunching the contacts between these two regions was the first aim of the Network that little by little has been increasing its actuation field. Thus, Rilco has also become a new technology company that develops solutions for other free zones or societies operators located at Cadiz Free Zone Consortium.


Latin American Logistics and Commerce Network starts up in 1998 as an initiative from the Special Delegate and CEO, Manuel Rodríguez de Castro, of Cadiz Free Zone Consortium, a public and managerial entity that depends on the Ministry of Finances of the Spanish Government. At first, it is focused in strengthening foreign trade operations between the European Union and Latin America. That is why the beginning of contacts in the American continent ends with the signature of a business agreement between Cadiz and Miami Free Zone. Thus, the rules of what will become the greatest business community between these two blocks are established.

The signature of the agreement with Miami is the starting point for different free zones, ports, airports, industrial parks and free deposits, to be interested in this initiative and join to it to increase the list of members of a net that grew as a communication and business channel.

Likewise, because Cadiz Free Zone is member of the Americas Free Zones Committee, in October 2002 the VI Latin American Conference of Free Zones, a congress in which Rilco participated as organizing member where it made several important contacts with Latin American companies, sealed with the signature of an agreement with Fidenor, Monterrey Free Zone (Mexico) -the city that will host the VII Latin American Conference of Free Zones- to create and start up a headquarter in that country. Nowadays, there is a close relationship with Colon Free Zone (Panama) and two other ones in Costa Rica and Dominican Republic.

Nevertheless, in spite of its international vocation, Rilco pays a special attention to the companies located at Cadiz province and, in general, in Andalusia, to lead them towards wider and more modern markets, improving their activity through the New Technologies.