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Michael Kortan was the FBI Asst. Director Public Affairs, an influential job that controlled media access. Kortan was removed from the FBI on February 15, 2018 for his role in the attempted subversion of the 2016 presidential election in collusion with the Democratic party.

Lisa Page said in sworn congressional testimony that in late October 2016 she “was authorized by Deputy Director McCabe and by Mike Kortan to engage with the reporter [Devlin Barrett] on this topic,” in reference to a leak to The Wall Street Journal regarding the FBI's investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Kortan is not mentioned in the Inspector General's report on McCabe's misconduct, although he's mentioned in the IG's June 2018 Midyear Exam report. Page told investigators: “I agree with you that it is curious that there is no reference in the IG report at all to Mr. Kortan, particularly in light of what I reported, which is that both interactions with the reporter were done with Mr. Kortan, in coordination with Mr. Kortan and with Mr. Kortan at my side. So I cannot explain why there is no reference to Mr. Kortan in any testimony, if he did give any, in the IG report.”[1]

Kortan received bribes from The New York Times and CNN during both the Clinton email scandal investigation and Trump-Russia conspiracy hoax, and then lied to investigators when confronted about it.[2]

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