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Fred Rogers in 1982 photo

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a children's television show and possibly the greatest of all time, created by, narrated by, and starring Fred Rogers, a Presbyterian minister from Pennsylvania.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ran from 1968 to 2001. It starred the famously calm and compassionate man Fred Rogers, known to the children as Mister Rogers but addresses by grown-up friends as Fred. The show revolved around minor events in Rogers's life, such as shopping and receiving mail from Mr. McFeely, the postman. Most of the show took place in Mr. Rogers's fake home set, but sometimes in Brockett Bakery or the famous Neighborhood of Make-Believe, ruled by King Friday XIII (a parody of Friday the 13th, which is considered in American culture to be a day of bad luck) and accessed by a secret trolley. The neighborhood of Make-Believe became the setting of his posthumous spin-off Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

During the show, Mr. Rogers would ask children questions to make them think, ranging from "I'll put the bread in the breadbox. Do you know anyone who keeps bread in a bread box?" to "Do you ever sing songs at home? What songs do you sing?"


Rogers's kind and sedate nature has led him to be the target of several mean and controversial rumors, including:

  • that he created the show in order to serve a sentence for child molestation by creating his show, which is why children never appeared on his show (in reality, children appeared on his show occasionally, but not often as they are too unpredictable for live TV)
  • that he was a sniper in the Vietnam War, which is why he always wore long sleeves to cover his tattoos (in reality, Rogers did not fight in Vietnam; he appeared on the show regularly during the duration of the war)

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

On September 3, 2012, a spin-off, called Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, began airing on PBS. The show is an animated series, featuring the character of Daniel Tiger, who is the son of the character Daniel Striped Tiger from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

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