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The PNN News and Ministry Network, also known as the PPsimmons YouTube channel, is a popular Christian and American conservative YouTube channel. The name of YouTube channel, PPsimmons, is a pseudonym.

The videos on the channel frequently feature commentary on current events, biblical prophecy and Israel. The videos of the messianic Jew Zev Porat are also frequently posted on the channel.

Many of the videos on the YouTube channel are critical of liberalism/leftism, evolution and atheism.

Origin of the PNN News and Ministry Network YouTube channel

The brainchild of the Ppsimmons YouTube channel is a successful Birmingham, Alabama business man and an American Gulf of Mexico coast youth pastor who have chosen to remain anonymous. A team of Christians is involved in producing the YouTube videos.[1] Pastor Carl Gallups narrates the videos, but he is not PPsimmons.[2]

Pastor Carl Gallups is the founder of PNN News and Ministry Network

PNN News and Ministry Network - creation vs. evolution and other topics

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