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Pim Fortuyn

Wilhelmus Simon Petrus Fortuijn known as Pim Fortuyn (February 19, 1948 – May 6, 2002) was a Dutch politician, professor, and author. He was a member of the Lijst Pim Fortuyn party. Fortuyn warned of an Islamization of the Netherlands and criticized the animal rights movement.[1] In 2002 he was killed by a radical animal rights activist,[2] who was also a member of the Animal Liberation Front. He was demonized by the leftist media in that country.


Fortuyn was born on 19 February 1948 in Driehuis, Netherlands, he studied on the University of Amsterdam, but later he accessed the Vrije Universiteit.

Fortuyn was Catholic and openly homosexual.

View on Politics

Fortuyn was a lecturer at the Nyenrode Business Universiteit, and Professor at the Groningen University, where he saw himself as a Marxist, he has also joined the Labour Party.

In the 1990s he moved to Rotterdam, where he became the extraordinary professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He was at that moment a member of the conservative liberal party VVD and become more conservative.

In the course of time, he became a member of several small parties were like Livable Netherlands and Livable Rotterdam.

On 14 February 2002, he founded the right-wing party Lijst Pim Fortuyn, which, after his death, won 26 seats and was a coalition partner in the First Balkenende Cabinet, which still not long survive to exist.

Views on Islam and Immigration

Fortuyn has been frequently criticized the Islam, he called it a backward culture[3] and saw it as a threat to the Dutch society and its values, he advocated for closing borders to Muslim immigrants, He was in favor for a cold war against Islam.


On May 6, 2002, a week before the election, Fortuyn was killed after a radio interview in Hilversum by the extreme left-wing animal rights activist Volkert van der Graaf, which has ensured that there were nationwide protests. There are a lot of questions and conspiracy theories around this horrific political assassination, which suggests that as the government was behind it.

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