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R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul (born 1939) is a Christian Minister and author of many popular books, including:

  • Essential Truths of the Christian Faith
  • The Soul's Quest for God
  • The Holiness of God
  • Chosen By God
  • Defending Your Faith - An Introduction to Apologetics
  • Knowing Scripture
  • Mystery Of The Holy Spirit

R.C. Sproul has received degrees from Westminister College (1961), Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (1964), and Free University of Amsterdam, in Holland (1969). He has taught students at Westminster College, Gordon College, the Gordon-Conwell School of Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, and at Knox Theological Seminary.

In 1971, R.C. Sproul founded Ligonier Ministries and the Ligonier Valley Study Center for seminary students in Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania. The center has since relocated to Florida. Dr. Sproul is currently at Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida, and is a Council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. He also hosts "Renewing Your Mind" a daily radio program. He is married, with two adult children, a daughter Sherrie, and son, Robert Craig (R.C. Sproul Jr.) and has grandchildren.